Deluxe Cashmere Lipstick

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Special formula that combines the finest color pigments with an infusion of lasting moisture – boosting complex. The Orchid Complex leaves the lips smooth and provides moisture. Fights free radicals and reduces the appearance of fine lip lines. Shea butter and Cacao butter gives hydration and protection to the lips with mild and soothing effects. The specialized formula is loaded with anti-oxidants leaving lips wrapped in color and added nourishing protection.

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Natural Beige Dc21, Red in Flames Dc22, Stylish Carmine Dc23, Red Boston Dc24, Perfect Crimson Dc25, Festive Burgundy Dc26, Chic Aubergine Dc27, Bsolute Nude Dc28, Elegant Terracotta Dc29, Austere Brown Dc30, Pink Matinee Dc31, Violet Transmit Dc32, Cinnamon Tea Dc33, Think Pink Dc34, Starry Rose Dc35, Natural Rosewood Dc36

1 review for Deluxe Cashmere Lipstick

  1. ashiqa Adams Galant

    i love this!its my favourite.!the gold tube so pretty and fun and the colour is brilliant!lots f women tell me they want my colour! the texture could be abit smoother tho, i apply the flormar gloss ontop of this cashmere.

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